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Knew Concept Hand Saw with Cam-Lever Tension and Swivel Blade Clamps - 5"
Fret Hand Saw with Cam-Lever Tension and Swivel Blade Clamps - 5"

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Discover why Knew Concepts saws are a cut above the rest. Knew Concepts saws are designed to be exceptionally light and rigid. This saw frame provides precise control, reduced blade breakage, and virtually no flex. Best of all, the hardened aluminum frame is extremely light and easy to handle.

The Knew Concepts swivel saw features both clamping screws for quick and easy blade replacement, and a tension lever for applying appropriate tension to the blade. The tension does not change when re-setting the blade. Simply flip the lever forward to release tension, re-position and clamp the blade, and flip the lever to the rear, and you are ready to go. This saw also has a swiveling blade. Designed to swing the rear of the frame out of the way, the ability to set the frame into a "neutral corner" allows you to saw into areas that were never possible before. The blade clamps swivel and lock at 45 on both sides and at 0 for straight ahead cuts. Being able to rotate the blade allows greater flexibility while cutting into and around larger sheets of metal. It allows effectively infinite depth when cutting along the edge of a large piece of material. Never be limited again by the depth of your fret.
Price: $99.75
Product Dimensions: 6-1/2" x 13"

Made in USA
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Choose the blade that best suits the thickness of the material being sawn. The ideal ratio is 3 teeth on the materials at any time. Use a B&S gauge to determine the thickness if unknown.

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