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Amaco Feeder Tray for Amaco Machine Amaco Machine Art Doll Faces
Amaco Machine
Price: $31.50
Art Doll Faces
Price: $10.60
Ceramic Mandrel Ring Stand
Ring Pellet Mold - Half Sizes
Ring Pellet Mold - Whole Sizes Cork Clay Creative Paper Clay 4 oz Creative Paper Clay 8 oz
Cork Clay 8 oz
Price: $17.75
Doming Plate - Cones Doming Plate - Ovals Doming Plate - Rectangle Doming Plate - Round High
Doming Plate - Round Low Doming Plate - Square Copper Drying Form - Bracelet - Pkg of 2 Copper Drying Form - Large Oval
Copper Drying Form - Oval Small Copper Drying Form - Round Extra Small Copper Drying Form - Round Large Copper Drying Form - Medium Round
Copper Drying Form - Round Small Copper Drying Form - Triangle Large Forming Cone Wave Former Set
Mini Round Mold Form Easy Bracelet Sizer Feather-Lite Finger Gauge Casting Investment - Silica Free - 1lb box
Casting Investment - Ultra Smooth - 1lb box Jett Ballistic - 1 lb Jett Basic 1 lb
Jett Basic - 8 oz
Price: $12.75
Multi-Mandrel Ring Kit Multi-Mandrel Ring Kit Makin's Motor for Makin's Ultimate Clay Machine Makin's Ultimate Clay Machine
Mandrel - Multi Mandrel  - Metal Stand Mandrel - Multi Mandrel - Half Size Mandrels Mandrel - Multi Mandrel - Whole Size Mandrels Ring Mandrel - Stepped - Double Sided
Ring Mandrel - Wood Stepped and Plain Mandrels with Base Wood Multi-Mandrels - Whole Size Mandrel - Ring Polishing - Wood Mandrel - Tapered Ring Mandrel - Steel
Mandrel - Wood Mandrel Stand Micro-Forming Stakes & Block Set Mini Wooden Clothespins 2" Gauge - Plastic Finger Gauge
Dimple Plier - 3mm Dimple Plier - 5mm Dimple Plier - 7mm Dimple Plier Hooked Jaw - 1mm
Dimple Plier Hooked Jaw - 3mm Pliers - Forming - 1-Step Big Looper Pliers - Forming - 1-Step Looper Forming Pliers - Jumbo Oval
Forming Pliers - Jumbo Round/Square Forming Pliers - Multi-Size Forming Pliers - Nylon Bracelet Pliers Forming Pliers - Nylon Deep Bending Plier
Forming Pliers - Nylon Ring Pliers Pliers - Forming - Ring Bending Pliers Forming Pliers - Ring Forming Forming Pliers - Wolf Groovy Looping Pliers
Forming Pliers - Wrap n' Tap Pliers - Small Replacement Jaws for PLR-508 Replacement Jaws for PLR-510 Replacement Jaws for PLR-512
Ring Mandrel Rest Aluminum Ring Gauge Ring Stretcher Rio Grande Double Unvented Aluminum Mold Frame
Ring Mandrel Rest
Price: $39.90
Ring Stretcher
Price: $29.00
Stepped Ring Mandrel with Base Super Jumbo Finger Gauge Waterproof Mandrel Paper Wide Finger Gauge
Wide Finger Gauge
Price: $15.30
Wire Looper - Large Multi-Step Ring Looping Plier Wire Twisting Pliers Wrist Gauge Wubbers Looping Pliers
Wrist Gauge
Price: $8.30
Wubbers Oval Mandrel Pliers - Jumbo Wubbers Oval Mandrel Pliers - Large Wubbers Oval Mandrel Pliers - Medium Wubbers Oval Mandrel Pliers - Small
Wubbers Round Mandrel Pliers - Extra Large Wubbers Round Mandrel Pliers - Jumbo Wubbers Round Mandrel Pliers - Large Wubbers Round Mandrel Pliers - Small
Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers - Jumbo Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers - Large Square Mandrel Pliers - Medium Square Mandrel Pliers - Small
Wubbers Triangular Mandrel Pliers - Jumbo Wubbers Triangular Mandrel Pliers - Large Wubbers Triangular Mandrel Pliers - Medium Wubbers Triangular Mandrel Pliers - Small

Forming Tools

Cool Tools offers all the Forming Tools you need to form your metal clay simple easy. Choose from a huge selection of Copper Drying Forms, Ring Forming Tools, Mandrels, Pellet Molds, Ring Sizers, Ring Forming Kits and more. Find everything you need to form your metal clay right here at Cool Tools.
Start forming your metal clay with our vast selection of Drying Forms. With several different sizes and styles available, you are sure to find the form that works for your metal clay project. We provide a selection of rubber and copper drying forms as well as materials to make your own! Cool Tools offers everything to get you started today.
Cool tools offers handy Ring Forming Tools that make creating, sizing and forming rings a breeze. Create custom rings easily and quickly with the right tools. Our Ring Forming Tools makes making rings fun and simple. Choose just the tools you need for your ring making projects and get the right fit for your rings.