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The Evenheat Kingpin 88 is the newest line of kilns created especially for jewelry artists working in metal clay, enameling and glass firing.  The Kingpin 88 is a digital kiln featuring a SetPro 3 button controller. The SetPro offers 10 preset metal clay programs (5 for PMC and 5 for Art Clay), and also includes 4 blank programs for full artistic control.

This model features the standard kiln door that does not include a window or bead door.

The Kingpin 88 is designed to fire metal clays, jewelry, glass, and ceramic related material. Maximum firing
temperature is 2000F (1093C).

The Set‐Pro 3-button digital controller is manufactured exclusively for Evenheat by Bartlett Instrument Company in Iowa. Bartlett enjoys a well deserved reputation as the finest control supplier on the market.
Price: $646.00
FREE SHIPPING US only, except HI, AK
Product Dimensions: Chamber: 8" x 8" x 6"
Inside Dimensions: (Interior) 6" x 8" x 8"
Made in USA

Product Code: KLN-971-P

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Evenheat Kingpin 88 - Standard
Evenheat Kingpin 88 - Viewport [Add $29.75]
Evenheat Kingpin 88 - Bead Door [Add $25.50]
Evenheat Kingpin 88 - Bead Door & Viewport [Add $42.50]
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Details TechSpecs
Color Options
New color options are available on all SC kiln models! Choose from blue, pink, turquoise, purple, and black. 

Kil Option
The props used to hold items during firing are called kiln furniture. Kiln shelves and kiln posts are the basic kiln furniture that every kiln owner should have. This kit includes 2 different shelves to cover all the items you are likely to fire as a metal clay artist. The Furniture Kit includes: 
  • 5-1/4" x 2-1/2" hard ceramic kiln shelf used when firing glass, ceramics, metal clay, and enamels
  • Set of 4 1/2" high kiln posts. Used to elevate a kiln shelf or firing vessel for even heating and to separate kiln shelves during firing.
Power Consumption
The SC1 plugs into a 3-prong household outlet and draws 600 watts. Hourly cost to operate on average: 6 cents.

Kiln Location
Place the SC3 on a counter top or table without worry; the surface will not heat during firing thanks to the elevated firing box. Double-walled construction keeps the outside case cool, even at extended firing times.

Your kiln will give you years of trouble-free service as long as you are good to it. Keep the inside clean, don't gouge the fiber walls, don't fire directly on the floor, etc. The Paragon SC1 kiln has a ceramic fiber interior with the heating elements embedded and protected within the shell. The heating elements have a lifespan that is use-dependent, and for most people, will last for years. When it is time to replace the heating elements, the ceramic fiber shell, called a muffle, is replaced.


The kiln is warrantied to be free of defects in workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of shipment. Manufacturer will repair or replace any parts that become defective under normal and proper use during the specified period.
Entire warranty can be read here.

Standard colors normally ship 1 week from order, but can take up to 2 weeks during promotions and holidays. Please allow at least 2 weeks time for your customized kiln to be built and shipped. When your kiln arrives, call us at 888-478-5060 for setup assistance if you need it. We'll have you up and running in minutes.

International Voltages
This model can be ordered in different voltages for destinations outside the United States. Please contact us to place a special order.

View our video (below) to learn how easy it is to operate a Paragon kiln using the 3-button digital controller.

Sentry Xpress 4.0 Digital Controller
Paragon SC Series Kiln Owners Manual

Not sure what kiln you want?
We can help! Check out our resources for helping you choose the right kiln for your studio.

The model does not come with a shelf or kiln posts. If you plan to fire silver clay or glass, we suggest the Kiln Firing Essentials Kit (Product code KIT-653). This is the basic kiln furniture kit.

Pre‐set programs include PMC Standard, PMC+, PMC3 (slow), PMC3 (fast), PMC Gold, Art Clay Silver Standard, Art Clay Silver Standard Slow Dry, Art Clay 650/1200 Low Fire, Art Clay Silver 650/1200 Low Fire Slow Dry and Art Clay Copper. The Set‐Pro also contains 4 blank programs that allow you to decide the firing details such as with glass firing and bead annealing.

The heating elements of the Kingpin 88 are completely embedded within the chamber fiber for safety. Especially important with Bead Door equipped models. The heating elements of the Kingpin 88 are located along the left and right side of the firing chamber. This design provides for excellent temperature distribution throughout the kiln.

Check out some of the other great features of this kiln:

Angled Control for Comfortable Use
The control on the Kingpin 88 is positioned at a friendly viewing and programming angle. Its a thoughtful design feature and a detail you expect from Evenheat.

Standard Household Plug
The Kingpin 88 is designed for use on standard household voltage and current. Simply plug into any dedicated household receptacle and you're ready to go.

Attractive Powder Coat Finish
The exterior of the Kingpin 88 is finished in an appealing powder coat finish. Powder coating is a finishing method that provides great looks with greater protection against scuffs and scratches than paint. Powder coating has the added advantage of being environmentally friendly to apply.

Cool‐Touch Handle
Evenheat designed the Kingpin 88 with a non‐metallic, Cool‐Touch handle that stays cool throughout the firing process.

Sizable Firing Chamber
The Kingpin 88s firing chamber is personal studio sized allowing the artist room to fire multiple pieces at once. Wide Opening Door The door on the Kingpin 88 swings out fully (180+) for easy access to the firing chamber.

Well Ventilated Enclosure
The enclosure on the Kingpin 88 is very well ventilated to help keep internal control components cool and operating properly. Strategically placed inner baffles act as additional protection against heat. Longer life, high reliability: solid design makes a difference.

Vented Chamber with Plug
The firing chamber of the Kingpin 88 is vented and is equipped with a vent plug. Venting is desirable during many heat processes, particularly lost wax casting.

Standard Door
The Kingpin 88 is available with a standard door that does not include a window or a bead door.

Viewing Window
The Kingpin 88 is available with an optional Viewing Window. The Viewing Window provides a chamber view without having to open the door.

Bead Door
The Kingpin 88 is available with a bead door for those who also want to anneal glass beads. The bead doors on the Kingpin 88 feature a wide 7‐1/2 opening as well as 15 mandrel teeth for maximum use. The bead door also features a soft, flexible fiber seal that forms slightly around the bead mandrel for added stability.

Bead Door with Window
The Kingpin 88 is available with a bead door and viewing window for annealing beads, fusing glass or enamels while keeping an eye on the firing.. The bead door on the Kingpin 88 feature a wide 7‐1/2 opening as well as 15 mandrel teeth for maximum use. The bead door also features a soft, flexible fiber seal that forms slightly around the bead mandrel for added stability.

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