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ICE Resin® 16oz Kit ICE Resin® 16oz Kit

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Design Stencil - Sea Bubbles Design Stencil - Sea Bubbles

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Thompson Enamel Color Chart Thompson Enamel Color Chart

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By definition enamel is to coat or decorate. We as the artist not only coat or decorate; we bring works to life fusing glass with metal in the most unique and imaginative ways with the art of enameling.

Enamelists enjoy the ability to work in many different styles and techniques, such as engraving the metal before applying enamel in the basse-taille technique or stenciling, applying powered enamel with a stencil pattern before firing, technique. There are many options for the artist; your imagination is the limit. With our prices experimenting is affordable.

With a large selection of enameling products, finding the right product in one place is easy.

We also have a large selection of books and DVDs for the beginner just starting in this wonderful time honored medium.