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  E3 Electroforming Kit by Sherri Haab
E3 Electroform Kit by Sherri Haab

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The E3 Electroforming Kit is designed for easy electroforming and plating. Small objects such as twigs, leaves, sea shells, toys and glass beads are just a few examples of common items you can electroform copper over to make charms and jewelry pieces using the controller.

The E3-eform controller is unique because it automatically regulates and maintains the current keeping it at a constant level to insure smooth plating. The controller is small, portable and can be used instead of a traditional plating rectifier.

Compact and Easy to Use
No manual adjusting or monitoring required for maintaining the current

Variable Current Control
Slider bar allows current adjustments from 50mA to 400mA. Lower current ensures smooth plating for protrusions; higher current is good for larger pieces to shorten plating time.

Micro-controller with Simple Functions
The Micro-controller weighs only a few ounces compared to a bulky rectifier and has no knobs, dials or meters to fuss with. The green light lets you know the power is on; the red light pulses to indicate current is flowing.

No waste. The solution can be filtered and used over again and again.

Plating Solutions
Plating is a similar process to electroforming. Plating allows the user to bond one kind of metal over another. Plating solutions are available to electroplate silver, gold and other metals over base metals including copper. You can purchase any plating solution and simply use the controller in place of a rectifier.

Conductive Paints
There are a variety of conductive paints on the market that can be used with our system. Our formulation of graphite paint is highly conductive and produces great results.

Price: $265.00
Product Dimensions: 12" x 7-1/4" x 12"
Made in USA
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With this kit you can electroform objects and plate metal. Objects made of metal, glass, plastic, polymer clay and so many other materials can be covered in a skin of solid metal or metal can be made to look like a different metal. Plate silver onto copper, gold onto silver, copper to brass, etc.

The E3 Electroforming Kit includes:
E3 Electroform electronic controller with power supply
Acrylic sealer
Small paintbrush for sealer and conductive paint
Copper anode-wrapped coil
2 gauges copper wire
E3 Graphic Conductive Paint
Electroforming solution for copper
Electroforming brightener
Wood chopsticks
Filter and rubber gloves
Printed instructions