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Helpful Information & Links

Here is a list of links that you may find helpful.

At the IMPACT Artist Project we're building a stronger Metal Clay arts community by harnessing the generous attitude of giving and sharing, and giving it back to our members. IMPACT members, always have someone to trouble shoot your problems with; our guilds have more active and involved members; our teachers International Metal Clay Project Advancing Creativity & Talent IMPACT offers incentives as a way to help you build and enhance your experience as an artist through "IMPACT Activities". Each activity is designed to help either the new or experienced hobbyist, artist, teachers, and businesses. By merely doing the activity you are growing and enhancing your career.

Earn IMPACT Artist Project Points Rewards Become IMPACT Artist Project Membership Join in on IMPACT Artist Project Activities If you are a Tool Junkie you are going to love the IMPACT Rewards Program. By participating in Activities many of you are doing anyway, you can earn, Metal Clay, gems, books, and supplies. For the Jewelry Lover and collector, Sterling Silver Medallions from reknown artists are yours for the taking. Join IMPACT Artist Project, together we're a team are working and have a waiting list; our conferences are filled; our businesses are growing and thriving; and together we are all benefiting.

IMPACT is constantly expanding our hub of information for facilitating matches between new and interested students with knowledgable veterans of Metal Clay. As our community and resources grow, we are becoming better at our craft, more creative artists, which enables us to foster newcomers in the field and groom them to become our next generation of leaders.

Metal Clay Now
Non-commercial, brand-neutral meeting place for all aspects of metal clay. Members require approval. Making this a closed group provides increased control and helps eliminate commercial intrusions. All are welcome.

Metal Clay Tips, Techniques & Tools
This group is specifically about educating and taking artists one step further in their metal clay journey. Members require approval. All are welcome.

Aspiring Metalsmiths
This group is a friendly group of aspiring metalsmiths with a wide variety of skill levels, ranging from the ultra-newbie hammering away on the kitchen table and dreaming of buying their first torch to the master artisans who kindly lend the res their expertise and encouragement.

The Metalsmiths Workshop
A page to share, learn and interact with professional metalsmiths and those who wish to become professional metalsmiths! Rules are: Metal talk, instruction, links, sources, workshops, sharing. Any and everything metal related.

International Polymer Clay Association
The International Polymer Clay Association (IPCA) is a non-profit organization. The IPCA's objectives are to educate the public about polymer clay, and to study and promote an interest in the use of polymer clay as an artistic medium.

Polymer Clay Tutorials & Creations
This group is mainly for sharing and tutorials. This group is also open for you all to share any of your wonderful clay creations.