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  COPPRclay Metal Clay

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COPPRclay consists of pure copper, water and non-toxic binding materials. The binding materials vaporize completely during the kiln-firing process, leaving a solid copper piece with a density over 95% that of cast copper. All copper used to make COPPRclay is recycled!

COPPRclay™ can be pinched, rolled, sculpted and manipulated. In its dried
state, it's still highly flexible and easy to carve—ideal for applying details and finishing touches prior to firing. And because it’s pure copper, it’s great for applying enamels.

Rich in color, full of history and representing an incredible combination of art and skill, new COPPRclay™ offers a world of possibilities to jewelers!

And, because COPPRclay is so affordable, it can be used to sculpt large pieces and create specialized tools—it can even be thrown on a potter’s wheel to shape copper hollowware. Available in generous 30-gram, 100-gram and 200-gram blocks, COPPRclay allows the artist to experiment with how far (and big!) designs can go! And because COPPRclay is pure copper, it’s great for jewelers and sculptors who enjoy applying enamels.

Download COPPRclay Firing Guide here

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CPR-1000 COPPRclay - 1 kilogram jar
CPR-100 COPPRclay - 100 gram
CPR-200 COPPRclay - 200 gram
CPR-031 COPPRclay - 30 gram
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