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Butane Torch Troubleshooting

Butane Torch Troubleshooting Demo

Butane torches are an inexpensive way to perform many small to medium tasks from firing metal clay to small soldering operations. Learn which fuel is right to keep your torch in top working condition, how to properly fill and operate all of the torch models we offer, and more.

Metal clay firing torches (all of our large flame torches) are perfect for torch firing fine silver and copper clay pieces up to 25 grams. Smaller torches, like the Spitfire, Stingray and Hot Shot models are perfect for small soldering tasks. Use these torches to ball wire, make head pins, solder jump rings closed, and more.

Please note that while we highly recommend Blazer Triple Refine Butane, which is designed for butane torches, we do not offer this product on our website. Butane is a highly flammable material and carries a hazardous surcharge for shipping. Source your butane locally, but be sure to demand triple refined for best performance and longest torch life.

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