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Agate Burnisher Ball Burnisher - Large Stylus Ball Burnisher - Medium Stylus Ball Burnisher - Small Stylus
Agate Burnisher
Price: $11.75
In Stock
Ball Burnisher - Large
Price: $3.90
In Stock
Ball Burnisher - Medium
Price: $3.50
In Stock
Ball Burnisher - Small
Price: $3.65
In Stock
Ball Burnishers - Double Ended - Set of 3 Brass Brush - Toothbrush Style
Brass Brush - Toothbrush Style
Price: $2.70
In Stock
ClearView 2lb Rotary Tumbler
Price: $90.95
In Stock
Cool Tools ClearView Barrel Cool Tools ClearView Tumbler Dual Belt Curved Burnisher - Slim Curved Burnisher
Curved Burnisher - Slim
Price: $5.50
(Out of Stock)
Curved Burnisher - Wide
Price: $4.25
(Out of Stock)
Stainless Steel Mixed Shot 1 lb Miniature End Brush - 3/32" Brass Miniature End Brush - 3/32" Steel Miniature Stainless Steel Tube Brush .04" Diameter
Miniature Stainless Steel Tube Brush .06" Diameter Miniature Stainless Steel Tube Brush .09" Diameter Miniature Stainless Steel Tube Brush .125" Diameter Miniature Wire Wheel Brass 1 Inch
Miniature Wire Wheel - Brass 1"
Price: $2.75
In Stock
Miniature Wire Wheel Steel 1 Inch Needle and Lace Tool Brass Brush - 4 Row Soft Brass Buff
Miniature Wire Wheel - Steel 1"
Price: $3.25
In Stock
Needle and Lace Tool
Price: $3.40
In Stock
Scratch Brush Pen Style - Brass Scratch Brush Refill - Brass Scratch Brush Pen Style - Fiberglass Scratch Brush Refill - Fiberglass
Scratch Brush - Steel - 4 Row Soft Scratch Brush Steel - Fine Scratch Brush Pen Style - Steel Scratch Brush Refill - Steel
Scratch Brush - Steel - Fine
Price: $3.50
In Stock
Stainless Steel Burnishing Set Tumbler - Lortone 3lb Rotary - Professional
Stainless Steel Burnishing Set
Set of 3: $13.90
In Stock
Burnishing with the right tools can get you the exact look and finsh you desire for your metal clay jewelry projects. Cool Tools provides you with a huge selection of Burnishing Tools ranging from Ball Burnishers to Tumblers. Shop through our large selection of Curved Burnishers, Steel Tube Brushes, Brass Wheels, Steel Wheels, Brass Brushes, Steel Brushes and buffers. Finsh your projects with quality tools.