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Natural Bloodstone A Gemstone - Cabochon Oval Natural Bloodstone B Gemstone - Cabochon Oval 18x25mm Natural Bloodstone B Gemstone - Cabochon Oval 22x30mm Natural Bloodstone Gemstone - Pear Pendant 29mm x 63mm

This is the A grade which is more highly prized than the B grade.

Natural Bloodstone Gemstone - Rectangle Pendant 20mm x 55mm - Pak of 1

African Bloodstone features a brilliant red that resembles blood, giving this stone its name.



Bloodstone is a variety of Chalcedony, with red spots formed by iron oxide impurities. Our selection provides both Grade A and Grade B stones, with Grade A being more highly prized. This stone should be set after firing.

For firing temperature and time on a variety of gemstones, refer to our Gemstone Firing Guide: