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Art Clay

Art Clay offers the metal clay and jewelry artist a less expensive option for creating in silver. Choose from a wide variety of Art Clay products like ACS Slow Dry, ACS Low Fire, ACS Standard, ACS Copper, ACS Gold, and much more. Art Clay has a different firing and working properties from the PMC versions and is very affordable compared to other brands.

ACS Slow Dry

Discover ACS Slow Dry Clay for creating beautiful Metal Clay Jewelry. This slow drying Art clay dries 4 times slower than standard low fire clay, but can still be fired as low as 1200F for 30 minutes in a kiln. Fire in a kiln or with a torch. ACS Slow Dry Metal Clay shrinks between 8-9%. Try ACS Slow dry out on your next jewelry project.

ACS Copper

Creating beautiful pieces of jewelry is easy with ASC Clay. Basically, Art Clay is a metal clay that can be fired in a kiln or torch fired in 30 minutes. It can be fired on an open kiln but should be pickled or quenched to remove the resulting firescale. ACS Metal Art Clay is a very popular choice among jewelry artists. Try some for yourself today!

ACS Low Fire

ACS Low Fire is a great quality Clay for creating custom jewelry. This Low Fire Art Clay can be fired as low as 1200F. Great for use with glass and sterling silver. You can fire in a kiln or with a torch, the choice is all yours. During firing this clay shrinks between 8-9%. Try out some ASC Low Fire Clay from Cool Tools.

ACS Standard

Try out some ACS Standard Clay for your next jewelry endeavor. This Standard Art Clay Dries 5 times slower than Art Clay Silver Standard. It is also perfect for braiding or adding fine detail. ASC standard can be fired with kiln, butane torch or gas stove top. Get started creating custom jewelry of your own with ASC Standard Art Clay from Cool Tools.


Cool Tools is authorized to ship Art Clay Silver and gold products to the following North American locations: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. territories and military bases ONLY. For delivery outside our territory, please purchase from your local distributor.