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What is Metal Clay?

Metal Clay is essentially a substance consisting of metal and organic binder. Metal Clay is used to create pieces of art and jewelry, and is great where small detail is needed. The real magic of Metal Clay happens as it is heated at high temperatures. Once fired your creation is pure silver, bronze, copper or gold Metal. Discover more about Metal Clay.

Types of Metal Clay

Cool Tools offers a complete selection of Metal Clay to choose from. Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced professional, we have the Metal Clay to suite your needs. We carry popular brands like Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and Art Clay, Metal Adventures, Jewelry Material Innovations and more. We have a variety of different Metal Clay to shop from such as Copper, Bronze, Silver and Gold Metal Clays. Find the right Metal Clay for your next jewelry project right here.

Benefits of Metal Clay

There are many advantages to using Metal Clay when creating Jewelry. Metal Clay makes working with Metal easier and allows you to add intricate detail thanks to a slight shrinking that happens during the firing process. There are also various ways of heating the Metal Clay to achieve your finished product. Metal Clay is the choice among many jewelers, find out more.