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About Metal Clay Tools

When working with Metal Clay it is essential that you have the proper tools at hand. Creating with Metal Clay is fun and easy, but certain Metal Clay Tools are necessary to complete the job. Cool Tools offers a wonderful selection of useful and affordable Metal Clay Tools to choose from. All of our Metal Clay Tools are quality made, and highly functional. You will love shopping through all of the Clay Tools we have available.

Types of Metal Clay Tools

Cool Tools provides a large selection of Metal Clay Tools to choose from. Creating perfect pieces of jewelry is a cinch with the right tools. We carry a great selection of Anti-Stick Products, Clay Sculpting Tools and Kits. Mold and shape Metal Clay with ease and great craftsmanship. Worksurfaces, Rollers, Keum Boo and Ring Tools are among our great selection of Metal Clay Tools. Discover the right Metal Clay Tools for your project.

Uses of Metal Clay Tools

There are specific uses for each one of our Metal Clay Tools. Knowing which ones are best for your project is simple at Cool Tools. We provide you with great detail for what each of our products is used for. Our Metal Clay Sculpting Tools are needed for adding small detail and creating your desired shape. Ring Tools such as Mandrels help you create a round and smooth finished ring in the desired size you choose. Find out more about all the great uses of our Metal Clay Tools.